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Architectural visualization
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BLEND is a studio specializing in architectural visualization. Based in Kazakhstan, working worldwide. Our main aim is to help you create engaging and impressive realistic visualizations of your architectural projects in any form either static or motion. We are BLENDing ideas and concepts in our laboratory, mixing them with our professional skills and artistic expression to get visual representations of reality. Our principles are attention to details, compliance with deadlines, creative approach, and love for every project we do.

We are a team of professionals specialized in architectural visualization working with clients worldwide from Mexico to Turkiye, from Germany to Kazakhstan. Developing architectural, interior, landscape and urban planning ideas into high-quality photo-realistic visuals to engage and amaze your audience.

Static is not enough. Animation is inspiring. It delivers your ideas about a project like a single story and presents it excitingly. Create breathtaking videos of your concepts together with us.

Give the real-life experience of future projects to your audience. Virtual reality tours are the future of architectural visualization and one of the most requested trends in the industry. Having the ability to walk through a building that is not built yet is ultimate for an understanding of its advantages. Ask us how to make your project real virtually.

Another way of architectural visualization is cinemagraphs. Simply speaking is a moving image. Just put it as an image into your usual presentation to make it more spectacular. Evolving your visualization to the next level is easy and we are ready to help you with that.

Architectural visualization

    Frequently asked Questions

    How can I start working with you?

    First, we would like to hear from you a brief explanation of the project. It could be technical requirements or any other description. Also, we need the file package with floor plans, facades, cross-sections, masterplan, 3D models (if possible), vegetation plans, interior materials, references, etc. The more data we can get from you the more precise and accurate output results will be. Contact us, our account manager will provide you with further steps.

    How much does it cost?

    Every project is unique. Its cost could be based on numerous aspects. The budget varies depending on how many visuals you need, should it be still images or motion graphics. The complexity and scale of the project also plays its role as well as the amount of the input information. We can discuss the exact cost of your project after getting the data from you.

    What payments do you accept? What about prepayment?

    Usually, we are asking for 50% of the cost to start the working process. The rest of the payment proceeds after approving the final results. Payments are accepted via the SWIFT system but we are open to considering your options.

    How long does it take?

    Terms depend on the complexity of the project. Usually, it takes from 3 to 5 working days to create one visual render. A project of 10 visuals could take nearly 15 - 25 working days. Though we are ready to discuss your time limits if you have strict deadlines.

    What does the working process look like?

    Our studio has developed its own Guidebook to be more efficient. Every step of the working process is described and regulated there. Although these rules could be flexible and we are open to any suggestions. Our client service manager is constantly in touch with our clients and ready to hear your comments.

    How many projects can you work on at the same time?

    Our team could work on several projects simultaneously. Contact us to discuss all the details and find out whether it’s possible to follow your deadlines for a given project.

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